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Last Update - Aug 21, 2017

These videos on my YouTube channel are a cumulative teaching of the events of Revelation starting in Chapter 9.  One of the key points I make people aware of is that the Astronomers (Magi) who came for the birth of Christ actually knew the month & date when Christ would be born because it was a prophecy in Daniel.  If you have a cross-reference Bible, then you know what I'm referring to.  The story of the Magi CR's to Daniel 9:25 where disciples trained under Daniel could calculate the month & year as Sept, 2BC (by our current calendar).  They were Israelite Priests and/or Astronomers of the House of Judah who could calculate the date over 2000 years ago.  So why can't your typical Pastor explain how it was calculated today, 2000 years later?  Since there was a date for the birth of Christ in prophecy, the 'First Coming', then is there also a date in prophecy for the 'Second Coming' in Revelation Chapter 19? 

There's a growing number of people who study scripture that believe there is a date!  The prophecy is in Rev Chapter 12 and can be calculated by a modern day Christian Israelite 'the 144,000' who also knows astronomy & understands the prophecy in chapter 12.  But you have to apply it to the correct event.  The dates in Rev 12 mentioned in the text have been determined by astronomers to be Sept 23, 2017 & Dec 13, 2017.  I'm not an astronomer, but I think we should be aware of the possibilities if these dates are correct because they apply to what we would refer to today as the starting point for World War III.  In scripture that's revealed as judgement on the House of God (the Holy People), which are the 2 Witnesses in Chapter 11, and defined in 12:17 as Christian people who follow God's Law. And I point out that today these people live in the USA & UK Commonwealth which fulfill the prophecies from Jacob in Gen 35:11 & 48:15-20.  And how much talk is there on TV today about WW3 & we're less than a couple of months away!  Wars don't just happen, they're planned years in advance by the people who profit from them.  Obviously if your Pastor is on the ball he should be teaching these things to his flock.  Otherwise, his flock might be those half of the Bridesmaids who didn't make it into the Kingdom because they weren't prepared at the correct month & year when Christ was to return.  We don't know the day or the hour of his return, but we may now know the month & year.  I'll have a new video on this subject soon.

There's something else maybe everyone has overlooked. We have a lot of people talking about signs in the heavens. So we have all this talk about blood moons, plus things that tie into events focusing on the Jews & the State of Israel.  Christ only accepted those Jews (12 Tribes) who believed on him & the fact that he fulfilled all the prophecies (about the first coming) given to the 12T in the books of Moses, the Prophets & Psalms (Luke 24:44).  These prophecies are detailed in all of those quotes in the NT going back to the OT prophecy.  Apparently it's not obvious to Pastors & others that if Christ is referred to multiple times just in the Book of Genesis, that the 12 Tribes were Christian from the beginning.  They always knew about Christ the King of Israel, and the prophecies about him coming to redeem the 12T, they just didn't call him Christ until we get to the NT.  The 'Jews' that believed in Christ from the House of Judah went on to be called Christians & took the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom to their Kindred Tribes which Christ himself referred to as the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.  That's what Christ commanded them to & that's what they did.  The only confusion is the substitution of the word 'Gentiles' for nations.  If you look up the verses quoted in the prophecies about gentiles, you'll see that it either means nations of the 12T, or heathen nations where the 12T were driven to.  Pastors tend to misrepresent this fact but it's easily proven that gentiles are usually 12T, not non-israelites as they are commonly referred to.

Since we're all well aware of the fact that over the last 2000 years it was the white Anglo-Saxons who have travelled to the 4 corners of the earth spreading the message of Christ, why does anyone think that white Anglo-Saxons are not the 12 Kindred Tribes?  The Jews that rejected Christ went on to be called Jews & have continued to this day to reject Christ.  Christ said he would remove them from the Book of Life & there are many prophecies to that effect.  If you are an Israelite from the 12T who accepted Christ, there is no logic you would call youself a Jew as if that somehow meant you were an Israelite & therefore all those prophecies about redemption applied to you.  Since Christ only used the term Jew in a negative sense as people who were prophecied to reject & kill him, I'm not sure of the logic of using the term at all these days.  Jews were taken out of the BOL & the 12T who accepted him are the only ones redeemed, the Christians.  So you can be 'Shemetic' & be in the BOL as a white Anglo-Saxon Christian, or you can be Shemetic & be removed from it.  I know which sounds better to me, but how can a white Anglo-Saxon be anti-shemetic if they're shemetic by race?  If other members of the 12T want to opt-out that's their business, but pointing out what Christ says about it shouldn't be deemed hate speech unless you want to take it up with him.

You may remember in scripture that judgment starts at the House of God.  It appears the first event in Rev is 3.5 years of the 2 Witnesses (2 Lamb Kingdoms in 13:11) 'consuming their enemies' in 11:5, (they conquer 3 Empires in war - 13:2, but refer to Daniel Chapter 7 for context).  Then there's 3.5 years of judgement on the 2 Witnesses (12 Christian Kindred Tribes in 11:7, 13:7, etc) by the Dragon (International Banking Cabal) through 'Beast' gov directed from the Great City / London England in 17:18.  London is where all of the perpetual war of the last 500 years has been conjured up by the 'Dragon' to bring on the last global government under their control.  Then we have the 'Vial' Judgements on the world gov systems which also results on the destruction of the Great City. Then Christ returns to destroy the Beast army at the end of Chapter 19.  Then it appears there's a 1000 year period (maybe) to build the 'foundation courses' for New Jerusalem, or to rebuild the cities of the 12T destroyed in war.  Then the Gog people in the land of Magog make their last attempt to attack the Holy People (12 Christian Kindred Tribes).  But it's not actually a war... they're just immediately terminated.  Then Judgement Day, or the White Throne Judgement.  Then New Jerusalem, the 1500 square mile Pyramid comes down & is placed on its foundation.  Then the 12 Tribes will live there in Zion & produce a perpetual Family Tree.  Their children will govern the heathen nations with righteous judgement forever with Christ at their Head to make sure it all runs according to his law & there's no more war.  Which coincides exactly with the old testament prophets & what Christ said he taught the Apostles in Luke 24:44.  Also Paul points out that these things were taught to him by Christ as well in Acts 26:7-23.

So, I teach all of the terminology in Revelation and how it all applies to modern day events that apply to the modern day Israelites, the 12 Kindred Tribes who always knew the story of Christ the Messiah & were expecting redemption.  To do that properly and definitively so I can prove my points, I have to teach things from every book in the Bible that supports the analysis I make.  Christ claimed that information was in the books of Moses, the Prophets & Psalms. So to do a complete teaching which is based on the preponderance of evidence, it will probably take 200 hours of video & most likely more to show it properly.  If you aren't willing to study some as well, then you aren't interested in what I have to give you.  I've spent years laying this all out on charts I've drawn up by hand.  It's not that pretty to look at, but it's designed to prove the logic and points I make about Revelation by showing the key quotes & cross-references (CR's) that create the proper context of the text.  By doing this, I make it much easier for you to use these charts as a study guide and connect the dots on your own.  Looking up CR's takes a lot of hours of your time & I've spent about 1000 hours per year since 2011 just on these CR's alone. 

Some of my videos are on my YouTube Channel -

Currently, the 100+ videos, study charts & other files I have to distribute for free are approaching 1TB total in size.  All my charts are posted below in HD .jpg files that are best printed on 11" x 17" size card stock by your local copy center (or 12x18).  If your print it any smaller, you just can't read it.  My mailing list is private - no spam.  To submit your request to join the 144,000 Project and obtain the free teaching materials electronically on a 2TB USB drive, send your phone number, address and contact info to David at -

You will need to supply the harddrive formatted to work with a Windows PC.  Turnaround is usually about a week.  Just FYI, if you also want to use this drive as a backup drive for your PC, a 5TB external USB drive is the best bargain I've found today at around $120 on ebay.  A 2TB drive has some advantages though, if you want to plug it in directly to your HDTV's USB port & watch video directly off the drive.  Seems like there's some built in limitations to the size drive some HDTV's accept, & a 2TB is the limit on mine at least.  Any bigger & my TV won't recognize it.  For your PC though, I'm sure it makes no difference.  If you plan to watch this video on your TV, maybe the better / faster way to do it is to also have a 64gb Thumb Drive.  Those are very portable & cheap these days.  Copy a few videos to your Thumb Drive & take them with you to a friends house, or you can also plug in to a projector if it has USB.




There are some other websites, internet radio shows, and YouTube channels that maintain good info on related topics I'd like to give links to:

Bill Hollis created First Century Christian Ministries in Houston, Texas back in the 1990's and wrote many teachings on the identity of the Modern Day Israel people.  This site is the main archive of his writings which total 98 pdf files.  It has moved to -

Also, Pastor Eli James has one of the best websites on the Modern Day Israel people, and does multiple internet radio shows that can be listened to online.  Eli James is the author of a book he sells on his site released in 2011 titled "The Great Impersonation, How the Anti-Christ Has Deceived the Whole World".  It's the story, encompassing 5,000 years of history, of how the Jewish people have been impersonating the True Israelites of the Bible, especially for the last 2,150 years.  Beginning with the Herodian usurpation of the throne of Judah in Palestine, and how Judaism has conquered the whole world, as prophesied in Rev. 12:9, through their network of global finance institutions, such as the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Bank.  Plus their promotion of communist revolutions, incessant wars, and domestic subversion of all Christian institutions.  Pastor James exposes the historical banking fraud perpetuated by the Jews since ancient Babylon to the present global banking cartel known in prophecy as Mystery Babylon.  We know this beast as the House of Rothschild.

No other living person has revealed the depths of Jewish perfidy to the extent of Pastor Eli James.  At the same time, Pastor James teaches the factual history of the Caucasian people being the “Lost Tribes of Israel” rediscovered and explained through Scripture and through historical documentation.  His website '' explains this historical theology in the clearest terms possible.  The Migration Chronicles Slide Show, among other irrefutable proofs, demonstrates that only the Caucasian people have fulfilled the prophecies of Jacob Israel, while the Jews only fulfill the prophecies concerning Esau, Jacob’s evil brother. 

Covenant People's Ministry:

Kingdom Identity Ministries:

Doc Waterman:


Barbara Martin Case - Related terms: Sovereign Citizenship / Sovereign Citizen / Dejure Citizen with inalienable or unalienable rights, vs a 14th Amendment citizen or 'person' with civil rights as defined by Black's Law Dictionary or by Statute.  When you walk into any court in America, the type of citizenship you're assumed to be by the judge defines the outcome of the trial or if there will even be a trial to begin with.  The automatic assumption by all courts that you are not a Dejure Citizen is a rebuttable presumption, assuming you are Dejure of course.  However, less than one tenth of one percent of Dejure Citizens who find themselves in court know what evidence to support their claim will be accepted as proof of Citizenship.  This is the only known published case in the history of our country that I'm aware of, that's been to the USSC & the court agreed was a valid argument.  So this is NOT theory.  The point is, the gov's know exactly who is Dejure & who is not because they are the one's who have YOUR proof in their possession to begin with!  Don't expect any lawyer to make that argument for you though, because they risk being disbarred.  Sadly today, you have to educate yourself on your proper defense & stand up for your own rights if you expect to have any.  But at least this case details the proper context for your argument.

Petition #97-1065 filed against the Federal, State and Local governments regarding the usurpation of her God Given Unalienable Rights which went to the Supreme Court of the United States via a Writ of Certiorari in 1997'.  Respondants: Office of the President of the United States of America; United States Department of the Treasury - Office of the Secretary; Department of Health and Human Services - Office of the Secretary;  Social Security Administration - Office of the Commisioner; Internal Revenue Service - Office of the Commisioner; State of Texas - Office of the Govenor; Texas Department of Public Safety - Office of the Director; Office of the Fort Bend County Clerk, Fort Bend County Texas.

AVIDD - Alabama Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore's Ten Commandments Monument Tour that went around the country back in 2004' and was organized by American Veterans In Domestic Defense (AVIDD).  Hi-Res images also available for journalists.

I Blame the Pastors - My perspective on the deporable condition of the corporation church today

HFGC - My 1994' invention (Harmonic Frequency Generator Circuit) on the embodiment of duplicating the effects of Room Temperature Superconductivity in electronic circuits to drastically improve circuit performance at minimal cost

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Great explanation of the history of war in our country written and spoken by Michael Rivero:
All Wars Are Bankers' Wars -
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