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One of the other key points I make Christians aware of is that the Astronomers or  'Magi' who came to welcome the birth of Christ at the beginning of the NT in Matthew, knew the month & date when Christ would be born because it was a prophecy in Daniel.  Not the day & hour, but they could determine the month & year this prophecy would be fulfilled.  These were 'Israelite' Priests and/or Astronomers of the 'House of Judah' who could calculate the date over 2000 years ago!  Pastors typically don't teach the idea that the Magi were descendents or the  'Posterity' of the Israelite Priests from the Tribe or 'House of Judah' trained under Daniel approx 400 years prior & they create a lot of controversy over this idea.  It appears to many of us that there was a date for the birth of Christ in prophecy in Chapter 9 of Daniel, we call the 'First Coming'.  It appears these Astronomers or  'Magi' knew about the OT prophecies of their coming Prophet or Messiah & believed their calculated dates were correct that they travelled a long distance to rejoice over his birth & bring Him such expensive gifts; Christians should ask the logical question... is there also a date in prophecy for the 'Second Coming' of Christ mentioned in Revelation Chapter 19 that we're all waiting for?

As of 2014 there's a growing number of people who study scripture & astronomy that believe there is a date!  This prophecy relating to astronomy in the first part of Rev Chapter 12 as I & others teach it, relates to the beginning of the Tribulation Period, & is therefore a date we can calculate the return of Christ by.  The Tribulation Period dates can be calculated by anyone who knows how to use a free astronomy program called Stellarium.  But you still have to understand prophecy well enough to know how to apply these astronomical dates to the correct events in scripture.  As of 2014, the dates in Rev 12 mentioned in the text have been determined by modern day astronomers to of been Sept 23, 2017 & Dec 13, 2017.  I'm not an astronomer, but I think we should be aware of the possibilities if these dates are correct. 

In my video series I teach that these dates if accurate would apply to what we refer to today as the starting point or preparation for World War III.  As of March 2018 when I first added this info to my site, preparations to attack North Korea (NK) were in the news & even Russia has just made comments about their ability to strike the USA with weapons of a newer design they claim we can't intercept!  At that time, the fake TV news media gave us the idea we might attack NK preemptively because of a possible future nuclear threat from them.  Russia had just made a similar threat.  So we were acting like we might attack them too, on TV at least!  Many other threats of war have happened since then, but Prophecy teaches what is really supposed to happen if you can put it into proper context.  Your TV is just a brainwashing tool owned by those who worship the Dragon to keep you perpetually confused & on edge!

I teach that scripture reveals the Tribulation period as judgment on the House of God (the Holy People), which are the Two Witnesses in Rev Chapter 11, and defined in 12:17 & 14:12 as nations of Christian people from the 12 Kindred Tribes or 'the Crown of 12 Stars' as it said who follow God's Law.  At least these nations did when they were originally founded; but are Christian Empires today who have paradoxically allowed themselves to be under control of people who follow the Dragon / Satan.  Their control is realized primarily through the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) of America, Britain & Israel working in unison.   And I point out that these modern day Christian people who comprise the 'Remnant', live in the USA & UK Commonwealth which fulfills the second 'future' prophecy or vision given to Joseph in Gen 35:11, Gen 37:9 & 48:15-20.  That's the prophecy of the two 'Christian Empires' called the Great 'Christian' Nation or Empire under the banner of Manasseh, & the 'Commonwealth of Nations' which forms the second Christian Empire under the banner of Ephraim.  There's NO GOOD LOGIC that these prophecies would be about future nations of the Posterity of Abraham who would not know about Christ or honor him.  How could that be viewed as a blessing if they were to reject Christ?

I'm doing my scriptural teaching in the same manner as Paul states he taught his Kindred in Acts 9:22 / 17:3 / 17:11 / 18:5 / 18:28 / 26:6,7,22,23 / & 28:23... among other statements he made.  These 'Nations' he was to take this message of the Gospel of the Kingdom (GOK) to in Romans 1:5 which was written in the Prophets in 1:2, are the Nations ALL Apostles received a 'Charge & Commission' by Christ to seek out & go to in Matt 10:5.  Christ called their Kindred tribes the 'Lost Sheep of the House of Israel' & commanded them to take the GOK to them.  The message he taught them to take to their Kindred tribes he clearly described in Luke 24:44 as I mention below.  So to make it easier for Christians to put the message of the GOK into proper context, I've created 3 pdf files below showing all 300 quotes in the NT in order, & then I look each one up for you & explain the proper context.  But I encourage everyone to start by learning who the Gentiles are in the 'Jews vs. Gentiles' pdf & the 7 videos which explain their proper context as the 'Lost Sheep of the House of Israel', vs. 'Jews Against Christ', vs. 'Non-Israelites'.  By invitation, I've spoken on various internet Radio Shows with some of this information presented in a more condensed fashion.

There's something else maybe everyone has overlooked.  We have a lot of people talking about signs in the heavens.  So we have all this talk about blood moons, plus many astronomical signs that tie into modern or historical events focusing on the modern day 'Jews' & the State of Israel.  But looking at what the NT actually says, Christ only accepted those Jews or Israelites as the 12 Tribes (12T) who believed on him.  I call them 'Jews For Christ' in my videos or (JFC) & only the JFC are prophesied as qualifying for 'Redemption' or as having 'Salvation', best I can determine from prophecy.  The ones that believed on him at that time were generally members of the 'lower class' such as farmers, ranchers, local merchants, etc.  The working class or 'Blue collar' workers in a sense, as we would say. 

The Jews who rejected him were typically many of the educated 'affluent' class including Priests, Professors, Nobles, Lawyers, Politicians, etc, as scripture clearly prophesies in the NT & OT.  The well-heeled upper class let's say.  I refer to them as Jews Against Christ or (JAC) & there are multiple prophecies about the JAC in the OT.  Probably 99% of the prophecy in scripture deals with these two groups of Israelites, (JAC vs. JFC) & there's very little else in prophecy about non-Israelites in comparison.  It seems like we've completely missed the fact that it's just logical for someone educated in scripture at the first coming of Christ, to reject him as the expected Prophet or Messiah!  They were expecting him to fulfill the prophecies detailed in the books of the prophets, but he didn't & couldn't.  He only fulfilled the prophecies of the first coming, & most of the prophecies about Christ relate to the second coming!  90% of the prophecies in the prophets were not fulfilled & Christians are still waiting for them to be fulfilled to this day in the second coming.  Either that or some were historical & already fulfilled.  Many Christians today would have rejected Christ when he came the first time had they understood the prophecies about the Messiah.  He talked about the prophecies, but he didn't fulfill them when he was alive & couldn't.  I don't think this has been explained properly.

Also, we've only started teaching about this other group of people called 'Gentiles' in the last 100 years or so; & we've changed to them being the only readily identifiable group of people who have been teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom up to modern day.  Pastors claim that all of the prophecies about Salvation & Redemption which were promised to the 12 Tribes in scripture, now apply to them.  Also, that we can't identify someone from the tribe of Manasseh or Ephraim for example, or from other specific tribes.  That may be true in a sense, but that's not the point really.  Up to the 1800's, Pastors were teaching that white Americans were literally those Israelites from scripture - JFC.  No JFC called themselves a Jew, because that term was used by the JAC from the time of Christ.  But the White Anglo Saxons knew they were Israelites just the same, & that term 'JEW' didn't actually even exist on any document until at least the 1500's or later.  We would call it a slang term which I suppose is a good comparison.

What's more relevant though, is the fact that Christ fulfilled all the prophecies (about the first coming) given to the 12T in the books of Moses, the Prophets & Psalms (Luke 24:44).  He says Himself that He taught these to the Apostles & Disciples.  These prophecies are detailed in all of those 300 quotes in the NT going back to the OT prophecy & they are ONLY prophesied & apply ONLY to the 12T in proper context.  Another point Pastors fail to mention!  But he didn't fulfill all the prophecies to the 12T as they apply to the second coming in Rev Chapter 19 & thereafter.  White Americans have always been looking for these prophecies as being applied to them & their country.  Plus to the White Anglo Saxon European countries where they came from as well & their Kindred who live there.  And these countries are the 'Two Nations' who witness for Christ historically - the 'Two Witnesses'!  They're not people as individuals, but Christian Israel people as witnessing nations of the modern 12T who teach others about Salvation, Redemption, & who Follow God's Law.  This is the fulfillment of Joseph's prophecy & the same people in Rev 12:17 & 14:12 as I stated above!

Apparently it's not been obvious to Pastors & others that since Christ is referred to multiple times just in the Book of Genesis, that the 12T were what we would call 'Christian' from the beginning.  They always knew about Christ the King of Israel / Prince of Peace who is mentioned in Genesis Chapter 14.  Later they called Christ - "I Am" or 'Yahweh' as Moses told them to in Deut 18:15.  They knew the prophecies about him coming to redeem all 12T, they just didn't call him Christ until we get to the NT.  Reference my charts & videos on the 'Rock was Christ' & the 'Abrahamic Covenant' & you'll understand this thought.  The 'Jews' that believed in Christ from the House of Judah, went on to be called Christians & took the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom to their 10 Kindred Tribes which Christ himself referred to as the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel in Matt 10:5.  That's what Christ absolutely commanded them to do & of course they did exactly what he said.  Especially Paul who went to his Kindred Tribes of the House of Israel which your Bible changed to Gentiles.

The only confusion is the substitution of the word 'Gentiles' for nations.  If you look up the verses quoted in the prophecies about gentiles, you'll see that it either means nations of the 12T, or heathen nations where the 12T were driven to as a punishment.  Pastors tend to misrepresent this fact, but it's relatively easy to make the case that gentiles are usually 12T, not non-Israelites as they are commonly referred to.  My latest 7 videos on 'Jews vs. Gentiles' will prove this beyond a doubt.  I challenge any & all PhD's of Theology to argue contrary to that.  They can't argue it successfully, all they can really do is smear people who make that point known, or ignore it & refuse to bring it up & discuss it.  If you talk about it too much & too vocally, you'll be invited to find another Church to attend!  You'll be censored in other words.

Since we're all well aware of the fact that over the last 2000 years it was the white Anglo-Saxons who have travelled to the 4 corners of the earth spreading the message of Christ; why does anyone think that white Anglo-Saxons are not the 12 Kindred Tribes who received this message of the Gospel of the Kingdom from the Apostles & Disciples who were their Kindred family?  The Jews that rejected Christ went on to be called Jews & have continued to this day to reject Christ.  Christ said he would remove them from the Book of Life (BOL), & there are many prophecies to that effect which I point to.  Some are quotes in the NT.  If you are an Israelite from the 12T who accepted Christ, there is NO GOOD LOGIC you would call yourself a Jew & associate yourself in any manner with those who were to be removed from the BOL.

Jews that accepted Christ differentiated themselves by referring to themselves as Christians, or Christian Israelites, but not Jews.  You still have to realize the 3 letter slang word 'JEW' is a relatively new term & wasn't in the NT or OT.  Since Christ only used the term Jew in a negative sense as people who were prophesied to reject & kill him; I'm not sure of the logic of using the term Jew at all these days, especially if you are part of the group that rejects him!  Jews were taken out of the BOL & the 12T who accepted him are clearly the only Jews who are redeemed - the Christian Jews if you like that term.  So you can be 'Shemetic' & be in the BOL as a white Anglo-Saxon Christian, or you can be Shemetic & be removed from the BOL for rejecting Christ.  I know which sounds better to me, but how can a white Anglo-Saxon be anti-Shemetic if they're Shemetic by race?  If other members of the 12T want to opt-out, that's their business.  But pointing out what Christ says about it shouldn't be deemed hate speech unless you want to take it up with Him.  We all can understand why one might hate the fact that Christ will judge you for your crimes.  After all, He's the one who said He would remove the JAC & He explained why all through the Bible!  Your Pastor could teach that, but how many do?

You may remember in scripture that judgment starts at the House of God if you study the prophecies.  It appears the first event in Rev is the 3.5 years of the Two  Witnesses (2 Lamb Kingdoms in 13:11 - meaning they witness for the Lamb of Christ) who are 'consuming their enemies' in 11:5, (they conquer 3 Empires in war in 13:2, refer again to Daniel Chapter 7).  Then there's 3.5 years of judgment on the 2 Witnesses (12 Christian Kindred Tribes in 11:7, 13:7, etc) by the 'Dragon' (International Banking Cabal 'IBC' under the control of Satan) through 'Beast' gov directed from the Great City / London England in 17:18.  London is where all of the perpetual war of the last 500+ years has been conjured up by the 'Dragon' or IBC to bring on the last global government under their control.  Then we have the 'Vial' Judgments on the worlds Beast gov systems which also results on the destruction of the Great City.  Then Christ returns to destroy the Beast army at the end of Chapter 19 & he institutes the 'Wedding Supper' to bring the divorced House of Israel back to him - who were renamed gentiles or heathen.

Then at the first resurrection; the Dragon goes back in the Pit; & it appears there's a 1000 year period to (maybe) build the 'Foundation Courses' for New Jerusalem. And/or to rebuild the cities of the 12T destroyed in WW3, plus remediation of the land, water, crops, sewer system, radiation decontamination, etc.  Then it says the Gog people in the land of Magog make their last attempt to attack the Holy People (12 Christian Kindred Tribes).  But it's not actually a war... it just says they're immediately destroyed by Christ.  Then Judgment Day, or the White Throne Judgment & the Tares are 'raptured' off the earth to their final resting place to burn in the Sun.  Then New Jerusalem, the 1500 square mile 'Pyramid' comes down & is placed on its foundation.  However that looks... it's just my viewpoint.  Then the 12 Tribes will live there in Zion & produce a perpetual Family Tree or 'Crops' it says.  That's a Seed or 'Posterity' as we say today.  Their children will govern the non-Israelite nations with righteous judgment forever.  With Christ at their Head to make sure it all runs according to his law & there's no more war.  Which coincides exactly with the Old Testament Prophets & what Christ said he taught the Apostles in Luke 24:44.  Also Paul points out that these things were taught to him by Christ as well in Acts 26:7-23.

So, I teach all of the terminology in Revelation and how it all applies to current events about the modern day Israelites - the 12 Kindred Tribes who always knew the story of Christ the Messiah & were expecting redemption.  Which 'IS' the faith of Abraham.  His faith wasn't that he would have a son in his old age - Isaac, as some teach.  His faith was that Christ would literally come from his Posterity at a future time & redeem his offspring.  The overwhelming majority of Pastors, Preachers & Teachers may have failed to understand this & teach it, or understand who the 12T are today.  But there are many besides myself who understand the gist of these prophecies & teach them.  To do that properly and definitively so I can prove my points, I have to teach things from every book in the Bible that supports the analysis I make.  Christ claimed that information was in the books of Moses, the Prophets & Psalms in Luke 24:44.

So to do a complete teaching which is based on the preponderance of evidence, it will probably take 200 hours of video & very likely more to show it properly.  If you aren't willing to study some as well, then you aren't interested in what I have to give you.  I've spent years laying this all out on charts I've drawn up by hand, & then doing video to explain the charts.  It's not that pretty to look at, but it's designed to prove the logic and points I make about Revelation from the OT & NT by showing the key quotes & cross-references (CR's) that create the proper context of the text.  By doing this, I make it much easier for you to use these charts as a study guide and connect the dots about the end time prophecies on your own.  Looking up CR's takes a lot of hours of your time & I've spent about 1000 hours per year since 2011 just on these CR's alone. 

As of June 2018, I've posted 4 new PDF files with links just below so you can download them & print them out.  All of these points I've been making about prophecy starting in 2011 about the Abrahamic Covenant where Christ as the 'King of Righteousness / Prince of Peace' spoke to Abraham.  Then I connect that to the prophecies applying to the 12T starting from Exodus to Malachi; then the NT from Matthew to Revelation are all laid out in order in my newest videos.  I can clearly show the progression of the knowledge of Christ by Abraham in Gen 15:1, & then to his Posterity all through the Bible to the end of Revelation.

My current videos are on my new Real.Video Channel -

I won't continue to update my old YouTube Channel -

Currently, the 145+ videos & study charts I have to distribute for free are approaching 500 gigabytes total in size.  All my charts are also posted below in HD .jpg files that are BEST printed on 11" x 17" or 12" x 18" size card stock by your local copy center.  If your print it any smaller, you just can't read it.  So you can just download these off my website & go to my Real.Video channel & download my most current videos.  But my 70 or so older videos on the OT prophets I never loaded to the web.  If you want those, you'll have to send a USB drive.  There's a free App you can install to your browser called that allows you to click on a new link it installs below all YT videos.  Then you choose the resolution & download type you want; & it will save the video in mp4 format or the format you choose to your computer, or phone, or whatever you're using to access a YT video. 

To save video in mp4 or other formats from Real.Video, you'll need a program that works on their platform.  I use this one - Brightcove Video Downloader.  Neat stuff, but maybe it's not available for every device out there people use these days.  MP4 in 360dpi resolution looks just fine on any PC & is usually just fine on a HDTV as well.  The 720 HD format or 1080p HD is better of course when it's available for download in those sizes.  But file size is much bigger & they're not available unless they were first uploaded to RV or YT in those sizes to begin with.  A lot of mine is in 1080p or 720 HD, but some older ones were only uploaded in 360 resolution.

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If you're watching these off your PC though, I'm sure it makes no difference what size drive you're connecting.  If you plan to watch this video on your TV, maybe the better / faster way to do it is to also have a 64gb Thumb Drive around your house.  Those are very portable & cheap these days.  Copy a few videos to your Thumb Drive & take them with you to a friends house to watch on their HDTV.  Or you can also plug it in to a projector if it has a USB connection on it & it may be able play the video right off the thumb drive!  I've done that & it worked great!  I have a small 64gb thumb drive I carry around on my keyring!  They can be that small, but it may be smart to stick with a name brand when you buy a drive.  Your local computer repair shop is usually a good place to get these items.

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