American Veterans' Faith & Freedom Tour

Last Update 5/21/2015

The following pictures start at the very beginning of the American Veterans' Faith & Freedom Tour across America featuring former Alabama Chief Justice Judge Roy Moore's Ten Commandments Monument.  They span approximately 7/29/04 thru 8/19/04 as I was driving the truck through Tennessee, South Dakota and Colorado with a few sets at the end that were showings I participated in later during 2004 and 2005 in Texas and elsewhere.  The tour was a project of the American Veterans Standing For God and Country a sub-association of American Veterans In Domestic Defense - organized by AVIDD President - Jim Cabaniss.  
This was the exact same monument that was taken out of the courthouse in Alabama and is Judge Moore's original, not a copy or duplicate.  Except as noted, all these images were shot by:
David Ewing
Branson, MO 65680

Houston, Texas
AVIDD Private Showing, 7/27/04

1st Rally - Rhea County Courthouse, 
Dayton, Tennessee, 7/31/04


Eagle Stadium, 
Dayton, Tennessee, 7/31/04


Sequatchie County Courthouse, 
Dunlap, Tennessee, 8/01/04


Greene County Courthouse, 
Greenville, Tennessee, 8/01/04


Oakridge, Tennessee 
Shopping Center, 8/02/04


Maynardville, Tennessee,
Wilson Park, 8/02/04


Cookeville, Tennessee,
Willow Creek Shopping Center, 8/03/04


Dover, Tennessee,
Scott County Courthouse, 8/03/04


Franklin, Tennessee,
The Factory Shopping Center, 8/04/04


Franklin, Tennessee,
Friendship United Methodist Church, 8/04/04


Huntsville, Tennessee,
Baseball Field, 8/05/04

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Jackson, Tennessee,
The Old Country Store, 8/05/04


Summerville, Tennessee,
Warren Community Church, 8/06/04


Savanna, Tennessee,
Piggly Wiggly Parking Lot, 8/07/04


Walnut Grove, Tennessee,
Walnut Grove Church Of Christ, 8/07/04


Memphis, Tennessee,
Bellevue Baptist Church
Pastor Adrian Rogers, 8/08/04


Memphis, Tennessee,
First Assembly of God, 8/08/04


Mitchell, South Dakota, 8/11/04

David Ewing with CMA Members - Doug and Debbie Backer

Wall, South Dakota
Wall Drug Store, 8/11/04


Rapid City, South Dakota
Mt. Rushmore Civic Center Plaza, 8/11/04


Black Hills National Cemetery
near Sturgis, South Dakota, 8/12/04


Sturgis, South Dakota, 
2004 Sturgis Bike Week and Rally, 8/12/04


The 10 Commandments Monument
at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, 8/13/04

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Pueblo, Colorado,
AGAPE Fellowship Church Of God, 8/14/04


Colorado Springs, Colorado
Circle Drive Baptist Church, 8/15/04


Colorado Springs, Colorado
Circle Drive Baptist Church
2004 Annual Picnic, 8/15/04


Colorado Springs, Colorado
Focus on the Family Headquarters
Dr. James Dobson, 8/16/04


Colorado Springs, Colorado
Walmart Parking Lot on Academy Blvd, 8/17/04


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 8/25/04


Bryan, Texas, American Legion
101 Waco Street, 11/21/04

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Tomball, Texas
Walmart Parking Lot, 12/8/04

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Woodlands, Texas
Walmart Parking Lot, 12/02/04

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Conroe, Texas
Montgomery County Courthouse, 12/18/04

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Conroe, Texas
West Conroe Baptist Church, 12/19/04

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avidd-12-19-04-conroe-church3569s.jpg (185724 bytes) avidd-12-19-04-conroe-church3570s.jpg (101355 bytes) 

Conroe, Texas
Memorial Baptist Temple, 12/19/04

avidd-12-19-04-conroe-memorial-baptist3575s.jpg (144779 bytes) avidd-12-19-04-conroe-memorial-baptist3573s.jpg (150488 bytes) avidd-12-19-04-conroe-memorial-baptist3571s.jpg (101124 bytes) avidd-12-19-04-conroe-memorial-baptist3572s.jpg (108411 bytes) avidd-12-19-04-conroe-memorial-baptist3574s.jpg (105015 bytes) avidd-12-19-04-conroe-memorial-baptist3576s.jpg (87581 bytes)

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Sugarland, Texas
Sugar Creek Baptist Church, 12/26/04

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Pinehurst, Texas
Tomball Bread Of Life Church, 12/29/04

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avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4567s.jpg (68494 bytes) avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4572s.jpg (74008 bytes) avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4573s.jpg (61745 bytes) avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4574s.jpg (55587 bytes) 

avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4575s.jpg (114087 bytes) avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4576s.jpg (96544 bytes) avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4577s.jpg (108842 bytes) avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4578s.jpg (107915 bytes) 

avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4579s.jpg (98326 bytes) avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4580s.jpg (98301 bytes) avidd-12-29-04-tomball-bolchurch4585s.jpg (87768 bytes) 

Brenham, Texas
Brenham Church Of Christ, 1/02/05

avidd-01-02-05-brenham-church-of-christ4865s.jpg (108436 bytes) avidd-01-02-05-brenham-church-of-christ4851s.jpg (64030 bytes) avidd-01-02-05-brenham-church-of-christ4852s.jpg (62995 bytes) avidd-01-02-05-brenham-church-of-christ4853s.jpg (64771 bytes) avidd-01-02-05-brenham-church-of-christ4854s.jpg (58742 bytes) avidd-01-02-05-brenham-church-of-christ4864s.jpg (65558 bytes)

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2dollarbillprint3898s.jpg (116653 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3901s.jpg (106636 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3902s.jpg (129658 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3903s.jpg (129754 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3904s.jpg (98138 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3905s.jpg (109165 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3906s.jpg (104104 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3907s.jpg (91503 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3908s.jpg (124429 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3909s.jpg (129893 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3910s.jpg (113716 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3911s.jpg (118126 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3912s.jpg (101621 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3913s.jpg (94050 bytes) 2dollarbillprint3914s.jpg (88478 bytes)  Large 27" x 36", $2 Bill Print by artist James Mead.

FYI:  I have the original high resolution images for all of the pictures above plus many others that I did not load on this page.  Overall, I probably have twice as many images that were shot than I actually loaded on this page because some were redundant or different angles of essentially the same shot.  The issue is, if you want to save one of these images and print it on picture quality paper you can do that at most Walmart's or camera stores, but the quality won't be very good for a large print like an 8x10 for example unless you use the original high resolution image to make the print.  

The images on this page may look pretty good on your PC, but they're not going to print much larger than maybe a 4x6.  If you want a good 8x10 of your image you should contact me and tell me which image you want and I can email you the original. Don't ask for more than one because this will be a big file and take a long time to load although I could provide all the images on a CD for a price.  Email -

NOTE: On these newer browsers I've noticed that they don't always display my large images in full size when you open an image from the thumbnails.  Once you click the thumbnail and open the larger image, if you 'mouse over' the image you should see a " + " symbol or some other indicator like a box with arrows usually on the bottom right edge of the image.  If you click on the indicator, then the image will expand to it's full size which displays full screen on computers that use a 800x600 resolution setting for the monitor.  If you click the indicator again it will go back to the smaller image. Some people use a resolution setting of 1024x768 or higher on their monitors and for those users the images will appear smaller in size instead of full screen.  You can change your monitor settings easily enough if you desire.  Also, the indicator I've noticed is slow to appear even after the image appears to of completely loaded.  The indicator in Netscape seems to be a lot faster to display than the one in Internet Explorer. 

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