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William N. Hollis was a published author, lecturer, college teacher, genealogist, historian, archivist, Bible student, and businessman.  He served four years in the U.S. Submarine Service during World War II, with signal honors, and afterwards received a Bachelor's and Master's in education from the University of Houston.  A father of five children, he recently passed away in 2012 at his home in The Woodlands, Texas.

William Hollis with President Eisenhower (1959)
William Hollis with President Nixon (1960)
William Hollis with John Wayne on the set of "The Alamo"
William Hollis in the Houston, Texas 1960 era social circle

First Century Christian Ministries is a ministry of exhortation (Romans 12: 4-8).  Exhortation is a gift from God and is one of the members of the "church body," as are the ministries of preaching, teaching, etc.  Its principal purpose is to "pull the plumbline straight" so that errors in teaching and preaching God's word may be made manifest.

We teach 100% of the Bible, plus genealogy, the etymology of words (the origin, original meaning, and evolution of words), history, law, and anything else we feel is necessary for someone to get a complete knowledge of God's word.  We suggest that you consider obtaining a Ferrar Fenton Bible as it is the only translation still being published to our knowledge that contains the complete scriptures of the Old and New Testaments translated into modern English directly from the original Hebrew, Chaldee, and Greek languages, with instructions and critical notes by Ferrar Fenton. See -

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(Sermons in PDF Format)
   Webster And The Term Jew
   God Said It!
   Israel: God's Battle Axe
   The False Messiah's
   Beware Of Jewish Fables
   Odds Are - You're Israel!
   The Jews And The Church Are Israel
   Salvation Is Of The Jews
   Hollis From Adam & Eve
   A New Look At Matthew Ten
   Pastor's Without Pastures
   What Happened To Thy Neighbor's Wife?
   Introduction To The Book Of Romans
   Erin Go Bragh
   Parable Of The Tavern Tithe
   The Lost Gift
   Where Are The Lost Sheep Of Israel
   The Jews And Jerusalem
   The Kingdom of God
   God Of All Israel
   Jesus Versus The Jews
   All Being Of One Accord
   Go To Church
   Judeo Christianity
   Race Or Religion
   Take Up The Cross
   The Mission Of Gethsemane
   There Really Is Something About That Name
   Don't Vote For Lawyers
   Is the Golden Goose Dead?
   Lamentations For America
   The Enemies Of Christ
   An Exercise In Futility
   A Lamp Unto Thy Feet
   The Doctrine Of Discrimination
   "Sheep" As Israel
   Letter To Pastors
   The Parable Of The Elect
   What Is Happening To America?
   Westward Ho" - Israel's Trek to The West
   Can God Lie?
   The Lost Sheep Of Israel
   The New Lost Israel
   William The Conqueror
   Facts Are facts - IC
   Let The Bible Mean What It Says
   72 Scriptural Marks Of Israel Identity - IC
   Thou Shalt Spread Abroad To the West - IC
   Anything Marked with "IC" means it's incomplete

Proofs of Israel Series

   I - Christ Should be Manifest to Israel
   II - God is no Respecter of Persons
   III - Wax Pale - Paleface
   IV - Israel: Whom I Have Chosen
   V - Jews Knew They Were Not Israel
   VI - I Will Multiply Thy Seed
   VII - Israel Cannot Be Numbered
   VIII - Paul Became As A Jew
   IX - Our Needs Will Be Taken Care Of
   X - Declare It In The Isles
   XI - Dan Left His Mark
   XII - The Erin Isle
   XIII - Dan Is A Lions Whelp
   XIV - No Cities Of The Jews
   XV - God's Glory
   XVI - Tracing Our Ancestors
   XVII - The Book Of The Jews
   XVIII - Know Them By Their Fruits
   XIX - I Know My Sheep
   XX - Birthmarks Of Israel
   XXI - The Children Of Israel Scattered Abroad
   XXII - The Children Of Darkness
   XXIII - Anti Semite, Anti Semitic
   XXIV - Joseph Of Glastonbury
   XXV - Seeking Lost Souls
   XXVI - History Of Joseph Of Arimathea
   XXVII - Scattered Then Gathered
   XXVIII - Not The Same People
   XXIX - The Sheep Of His Pasture
   XXX - Israel: An Eternal People
   XXXI - Pluck Them Out
   XXXII - Abraham Was Not A Jew
   XXXIII - A Nation Out Of A Nation
   XXXIV - Children Of Wickedness
   XXXV - A New Land
   XXXVI - Anglo Adam Named Things
   XXXVII - Babylonian Captivity
   XXXVIII - Jesus Came Only To The Lost Sheep Of Israel
   XXXIX - White Nazarites
   XXXX - The Fewest People
   XXXXI - Ye Are Not My People
   XXXXII - Hunting For Israelites
   XXXXIII - Abrahamic Covenant
   XXXXIV - Israel Dispersed - IC
   XXXXV - The Kingdom Of God Is At Hand - IC
   XXXXVI - A Study In Stone - IC
   XXXXVII - Dan: The Pioneers Of Israel - IC
   XXXXVIII - Israel's Divorce - IC
   Anything Marked with "IC" means it's an incomplete sermon


(Maps and Charts in .jpg format)
   Adam through Noah
   Timeline from Adam to Isaac
   The descendants of Japheth
   Ham's four sons and their children
   Shem through Job
   Terah through Lot
   Years from Adam to the call of Abraham
   Comparison of lifespans from Adam to Joseph
   Abraham descendants through Hagar and Keturah
   Jacob's 4 wives and descendants
   Esau's 6 wives and descendants
   Seir the Horite
   Judah's 3 wives and descendants
   Origin of Modern Jewry
   House of Israel vs. the House of Judah
   Israel's 2520 years of punishment
   Israel's westward trek
   The Great Pyramid Wallchart
   The Seven Seals of Revelation VI - VIII
   Chart of Racial Origins
   David's Line - Chart showing Jesus' genealogies
   Promised Land - Map
   The Royal Lines from Zarah and Pharez Judah
   Don't Vote For Lawyers

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