National Campaign to Stop Pornography


Top Corporations that profit from pornography

1. AT&T, MCI/WORLDCOM and SPRINT - US News & World Report dated February 1997 talks about the billions of dollars made by AT&T from the promotion of pornography.  Through the efforts of AT&T, MCI/WorldCom and Sprint.  Telephone sex considered simply one form of audio text by executives in the trade became a huge business in the 1980s despite new government regulations against it.  One quarter of a million Americans a day use the phone for commercial sex with AT&T being the largest promoter, next in line is MCI.  Phone sex calls have been banned by the FCC yet it still continues.

2. MCI/WorldCom is one of the leading internet providers of sex on-line.  The top twenty adult sites are parked on Net Block, owned by MCI/WorldCom. 

3. Time Warner, ABC, and Disney - ABC One of the worst offenders.  ABC and Time Warner is a top producer of porn videos.  Disney started to push soft porn to children 10 years ago.  If we can take enough business away from ABC they will make the necessary changes. 

4. Abercrombie and Fitch - See their National Magazine.  It is filled with child pornography.

5. America On-Line (AOL) - For years AOL has enticed men and children to try online sex and pornography.  They have allowed predators to invade our homes and have done nothing to safe guard the American family.  They could have filtered and protected pornography but instead have done nothing to stop the spread of pornography online. 

6. Sprint - Sprint has carried 900 sex lines, psychic hotlines and has benefited from the millions addicted to phone sex.

7. HBO - HBO airs many movies with explicit sex and hardcore pornography programs.  If Christians quit using the service because of that, they will drop pornography. 

8. Local Video Stores - Many National chains do not offer x-rated or hard core videos, like Blockbuster Video, why do only the individually owned stores do this?

9. Global Crossing Long Distance - New long distance company that provides internet sex. 

10. Amazon.com - Go to amazon.com, in the search bar select (all products) type in x-rated

11. General Motors - General Motors now sells more pornographic sex films every year than does Larry Flynt owner of the Hustler Empire.  The 8.7 million Americans who subscribe to Direct TV, a GM subsidiary, buy nearly $200 million a year in pay-per-view sex films from satellite, according to estimates provided by distributors of the films, estimates the company does not dispute.