Why Have Our Churches Been Silenced?

There was a time in America when our churches were beacons of light.  Our church pastors were men of wisdom and courage who served as the principal source of moral guidance and instruction for our people.  Over the past fifty years, most of our nationís churches have traded their independence and divine rights under Godís sovereign authority for a government license to operate. 


Today, the vast majority of our churches, either directly or through their various conventions and associations, have incorporated and voluntarily become government regulated 501(c)3 tax exempt organizations.  The Internal Revenue Service regulates the speech of our pastors, and requires that our churches report on the personal and private financial activities of their members.  The 501(c)3 government-regulated church is fundamentally incompatible with the sacred principles of free speech and religious freedom upon which our great country was founded.  Millions of Americans have died to protect and preserve these essential freedoms---which include the unalienable right of every citizen to demand that our government respect and defend the United States Constitution.  


Under the threat of losing their government-issued license to preach (that which the government creates, the government controls), most of our pastors remain silent about the pervasive corruption and misconduct of our federal government.  Out of ignorance, fear, or worse, they have accepted the governmentís claim of authority over Godís church.


In Matthew 28:18, Jesus said "All Authority In Heaven And On Earth Has Been Given To Me".


Why donít our pastors use their pulpits to demand lawful, moral conduct and fiscal accountability from our government officials?  Has their silence been purchased with income tax and payroll tax exemptions, housing allowances, and other tax deductible "benefits" that are denied to ordinary citizens?  Why are our pastors no longer the voice of truth, justice and freedom in America?  The average American working family is now enslaved by an income tax system that is unconstitutional, fraudulent in its origin and illegal in every aspect of its operation.  Why donít our pastors research and verify the facts, and then speak the truth about the federal income tax system that relies on fraud, intimidation and fear to deprive honest, hard-working Americans of the fruits of their labor--the first of which we owe exclusively to God?  


Why do our pastors bow in obedience when the government instructs them to stay out of the political debate?  Godís Word does not instruct us to kneel before men, or submit to civil government control that is coercive and unjust.  Why donít our pastors speak the truth?  As Americans, we are not required to obey the edicts of corrupt government leaders who despise freedom and reject Godís authority over our lives, our country and our churches.  Either God has Ďall authority in heaven and on earthí, or He doesnít.  During a publicly recorded hearing on February 27th and 28th in Washington, D.C., the We The People Foundation presented irrefutable evidence that for over 75 years, the federal government has imposed an income tax system on our citizens that is fraudulent and illegal.  Hundreds of legal documents and exhibits and two days of sworn testimony by ex-IRS agents, attorneys and CPAís established these indisputable facts at the Washington D.C. hearing--facts that have been respectfully and thoroughly presented to, and consistently ignored by, the federal government.  A summary of the legal findings from this historic hearing can be reviewed at www.givemeliberty.org/post-hear2/findings.html .


Americans are a nation of free people, and under no moral obligation or divine instruction to forfeit the fruits of our labor at "Caesarís" arbitrary demand.  Exactly what percentage of our labor does the government have the right to confiscate on any given day as "our fair share"?  It is the sad but ironic truth that the Creator and Master of the Universe asks that we return only ten percent of our income for His work on this earth --- while our so-called "servant" government confiscates, through intimidation and fear, up to fifty percent of the fruits of our labor.  


Why do our pastors remain silent?  Why would any pastor advise his congregation to submit to corrupt government authority?  When will our pastors demand that government officials honor and defend the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, and protect our heritage as one nation under God?  If you are a church pastor or religious leader who believes that God expects the faithful among us to demand honesty, accountability and justice from our government, then we encourage you to review the information provided at the following links:





The churches of our nation must reclaim their authority as repositories of the truth, if our divinely inspired Republic is to survive.  If our pastors and spiritual leaders do not publicly acknowledge and defend Godís authority over "all things in heaven and on earth", the blessing of America will be lost forever.  May God bless you with the wisdom and courage to live by the light of the truth.

Charles P. Beall

Atlanta, Georgia