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Last Update 5/04/2015

Brudeli Leaning Reverse Trike starting @ $25,000 USD approx (order now in - Hokksund, Norway)

The Norwegian designed Brudeli 625L will use a 625 cc KTM single cylinder motor, and is planned to enter production in 2007.  The plan is that we will be able to buy one and license it for street use for a target price of approximately $25,000 USD.  It is intended both for on-road and off-road use similar to a Supermotard, but one of the 3- wheeled variety which makes it totally unique.  There is an opportunity for potential international distributors to get in on the ground floor.


Geir Brudeli - General manager
Office: +
47 32 25 60 20

Brudeli Tech AS
Semsveien 86
NO-3300 Hokksund

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