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(I tried to put these in alphabetical order the best I could, and this list is certainly not a complete list, it's just a sample.  You can right click on the images with your mouse, and pull down the image properties link to see the image file name, which, within the file name will tell you what that specific RT is called to the best of my knowledge.  If you don't see more pictures of one of these within this website, then the pictures will only be available on my club DVD, since the vehicle is either a homebuilt, a concept vehicle, or as far as I can tell, it's not in current production.)

-- Reverse Trike / Quad Design Database --

Some links go to pages on our site if I maintain one, but the rest go to the manufacturers site if they have a site I could identify.  Some links just go to my Paid Member page because I wasn't aware of a good link on the web to send you to for more info.  If you encounter a bad link, please email me the specifics, and I'll try to update that trike with an alternate link.  If you know of a better page to link to for one of these designs, please email me with it and if I agree I'll update that trike with the better link.

Ace Cycle Car  Aero Trike Roadster AF Spider  Alé Alias  Alleweder  Aprilia Los Angeles Aptera Arcimoto Pulse Audi Concept  Automite  Avolette  Axis V2  Badsey Bullet  BeBe  Berkeley T60  Biotrike  |  Blackjack Avion  Blackjack Zero  Bond Bug  Bonning Roadster  BRA CX3  BRA Leighton CV3  BRA MG3  BRA MR3  Brudeli Leanster  Buckland Manx  |  Bug-E  California Commuter  Can Am Spyder  Challenger  |  Charger  |  Cirbin V13R Cirbin VT-Rod  Cockpit  Comet  Corbin Merlin Coupe  Corbin Merlin Roadster  Corbin Raven  Corbin Sparrow  Coyle  Crossbow Canada  Crossbow SA  |  Cursor  Dagne  Delphi  DelSol  Dolphin  Doran  Dragonfly  Dymaxion  |  Eclectic  |  ECO EMC3 Commuter    Ellipse  Energya  Escargo  EVO  |  F-300  |  Falcon LX3  Fire-Aero  |  Freedom EV  |  Frisky  Fuldamobil  Fun Trike G-2  Gaia Deltoid   Gamma  |  Gilera  Go One Grataloup G-Rex Grinnall Scorpion III  Hagane  Hammerhead  Hannigan  Hawk  Hawk GT  |  Heinkel Trojan  Hermes  HM Freeway  Hoffmann  Hornet  Hot Stuff  |  Hudson Kindred Spirit  Hudson Stinger Hydrostatic  Indycycle  Inter 175 A Berline  Isetta 300  Italjet Scooop  | Jeluli  Jurisch Motoplan  JZR  Kamikaze  Kayak  KDF  Kelsey Motorette  Kroboth-Allwetterroller  |  Land Shark  Lazareth Triazuma  Lomax  LO-T3K Magnet  Malone Skunk  Mathis  MCC Scorpion  Mitka Gazelle  |   Mmesserschmit  Mogvin  Model-E  |  Moonbeam  |  Morgan Replica  |  M-Ride T42  Narrow Streets  NmG  Norsjo Shopper  Peel Trident  Pembleton  Peugeot 20Cup  Peugeot_Erectus  Peugeot Fantome  |  Peugeot Hybrid3 |  Peugeot HYmotion3  |  Peugeot Liion Peugeot Rogue  |  Peugeot Times  |  Peugeot Trimoteur Peugeot Xbox Phoenix Trike Roadsters Piaggio MP3  Prodigy  |  Puma  |  Qui Moto  Quickie  Raptor Raven  |  Razor  |  SAM  Sandford  Sceadu  Scootcar  Scoot Coupe  Scorpion  |  Scorpion P13  |  Scorpion Vortex  Sea Lion  |  Shcmitt KR  Shrike  Silence  Simple Steer  Skipee  Solar Taxi   |  SpinWurkz TT1  Sportcycle  Spykster  Stiletto  |  Street Ray  SUB G1  SunBurst  SunShark  |   SunTrike  Tango  Texas Rocket  Thistle TigerCat  |  Tilting Trike  Time Machine  TMW  TR1ke  |   TREV  |   T-Rex  Tri-Magnum  |  Triac  Tribaker  |  Trifecta  |  Trigger  TriHawk  |  Trik  |  TriKing  |  TriRod  Tristar  |  Trivio  Trivot Trixster  Trojan 200  Tryane  Tryker  |  Turbo Phantom  Twisted  |  Vectra  Vectrix  Veloce  Velorex Oskar  Vertika  |  Veloss  Venom  |  Voltar Reverso  |  Vortex V-6 Roadstercycle   V-8  Roadstercycle  |  V-Twin Roadstercycle  VW GX3  Whiplash  |   XR3 Hybrid  Xzilarator  |  Zark  |  Zap E-Pod  |  Zetta 300 Zoe Zipper  Zwheels


This images above are merely a few thumbnail samples of the full size images available on the Paid Membership DVD.  I have well over 9000 files of images, videos, and other RT related files that take up way too much space to post everything to this site.  A select number of the full size images are posted on the various pages on this site.  You can see these when you look through the different categories of trikes displayed, which total approx 90 featured vehicles.  

As of 9/2012, I have a total of 221+ different vehicles on my database DVD, besides 164 or so one-off, no-name, home-built vehicles, which are all shown in their individual folders on the paid member DVD.  THIS DVD IS NOT FOR YOUR TV!  It's computer files like html files, pdf, jpg, etc.  Although there are a number of mpg, or wmv video files on it that you can play on your PC.  Basically, it's all the RT and Quad files I've collected from day one.

Many of these are designs that were made over the past 30 years or so, and are no longer available.  Any trikes that I find that are available right now I've posted on this site by category.  If you want to see what's currently available, start at the RT Club Entry Page, and browse the different categories.  I've decided to include some Human powered vehicles that have, or will have electric conversions available, as some members may be able to use a vehicle like this for their commute.  There are many more if you search the web, but I tried to pick a few of the best I found.  Maybe you know of others that I should include.  If so, send an email to -

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