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Elio Reverse Trike shown above

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Mission Statement as of 9/11

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Technical Papers (written in 1982)

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Licensing and Regulations by State (plus insurance providers)

Motorcycling Truth (author unknown)

I think these leaning trike designs could be the future for this industry:

Homebuilt leaning trike kit for Harley -

Homebuilt leaning trike -

Homebuilt enclosed leaning trike -

Homebuilt leaning trike -

Homebuilt leaning trike -

Leaning Quad Prototype -


Official Reverse Trike Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio (started March/2008 - weekly shows can be scheduled depending on interest)

Listen to Reverse Trike Club on internet talk radio 

I'm also the owner of the KZ1300 USA Club at and this is the 1984 model 1300cc, water cooled, inline 6-cylinder Kawasaki Voyager motorcycle I rode for 20+ years.  Click on the thumbnails to view larger images - 

Locally I ride with the 417 Motorcyclists Group -



We don't recommend and we're not affiliated with any particular product or brand, or even suggest that anyone buy one of the vehicles shown on this site.  The idea to purchase or ride one of these trikes or quads is totally up to your discretion.  These are whole different products in relation to a regular motorcycle or trike, and it's certainly not going to be suited to some riders tastes, or abilities.  If you decide to buy a vehicle from any person or company listed on this site, it's completely up to you to follow due diligence in your transaction.  We're reporting the 'news' so to speak about these trikes or quads, and providing information I've been made aware of from people I don't personally know, and that's pretty much it.  We don't have personal knowledge of any person or companies ability to make or deliver any products shown on this site.  I'm merely posting secondhand information provided to me by other people, for the most part whom I've never personally met or talked to face to face, but rather via email or the telephone.


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