Reverse Trike Club & Street Driven Quads

Last Update 1/1/2014

JZR Reverse Trike Kit starting @ $7500 USD approx (order now in England, imported to USA)

JZR Reverse Trike Manufacturer:

JZR Trikes - (No official Company website that I could find)
Attn: John Ziemba
Nancy Street yard
GB Darwen, Lancs.,
BB3 3HP England
Fax: 0044 760 620
Tel: 01254 760 620

JZR Reverse Trike USA Distributor:

Bill Todd,
PO . Box 4221
Wichita Falls, Texas, 76308-0221
Telephone: 940.692.7818

Here's an informational website covering the history of the trike and the approximate cost to build one.  Here's a German site -

There's even a Wikipedia page at -

Bill Todd has an online photo album at:


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