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Last Update 1/1/2014

Tri-Rod Reverse Trike Concept Vehicle

For too many years the world’s perception of motorcycles has been formed by the status quo.  While motorcycles in all their incarnations are fun and exciting to own and operate, we knew there was a next step to take.  TriRods are three-wheeled straddle-mount motorcycles with two wheels in front and one in the back.  The inherent stability in the design not only increases safety, but ratchets up the adrenaline level with its insane cornering capability.

The F3 Adrenaline™ – is geared for street and track use.  It features Penske Racing shocks, Pirelli tires, carbon fiber bodywork, and billet aluminum parts throughout.  A 20 inch rim with a 325 rear tire coupled to a 120 cubic inch racing motor might seem like overkill to some - its standard issue for this unit.

TriRod Motorcycles
8230 Miralani Drive
San Diego, CA 92126 USA

858.547.9545 - Office
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