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Last Update 1/1/2014

Xzilarator 'Plans Built' Reverse Trike Vehicle

This reverse trike was first designed in 2006 by builder Bob Kinney.  This is a plans built machine that uses a 1500cc Honda Goldwing as a donor.  It is a side by side 2 seater weighing just over 1200 lbs.  The very low center of gravity and 115 horse power put this in the extreme fun category and has been described as a carnival ride.  With the roll cage like design, this is one of the safest reverse trike designs available today and it has probably the best egress to get in and out of the vehicle.  With the new body skin that's been added recently, it would be easy enough to add soft sided doors similar in design to what is used these days on a Jeep Wrangler for instance.  The body skin also improves the look of the finished product without adding hardly any weight.  For more info or to order plans go to:


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